Cake: vanilla, chocolate, lemon, coconut, confetti, red velvet, snickerdoodle, rootbeer, oreo and carrot.

Fillings: flavoured buttercreams – vanilla, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, coconut, coffee, raspberry, caramel and oreo.
*Fresh fruit available when in season

If you have any special or dietary requests, please contact me. I do have a few gluten friendly and vegan options available. Please note that my kitchen is NOT vegan or gluten free, but I will make every attempt to prevent cross contamination.



Cakes are priced on an individual basis. Pricing is based on the number of servings, but can vary depending on the design. The more elaborate the design, the more time it takes to create. Cakes generally start at $4 per serving and have a $60 minimum. Please contact me for your personalized quote.

Cupcakes with buttercream start at $25 per dozen. Fondant toppers will have an additional charge.

Cake pops start at $25/dozen for a simple swirl or colour. Themed and shaped cake pops start at $30/dozen. There is an additional charge for a display. Please contact me for a quote.

More Questions? Please see my FAQ or contact me